River Song
River Song
House: Hufflepuff formerly Gryffindor until Pottermore got involved
Role: Admin

I'm a British girl who is known by some of her friends as "The Biggest Harry Potter fan in Norfolk" but I'm sure there are those out there in the sticks of Norfolk that are more afflicted than I with Pottercitis!!! Oh and my real surname is actually Williams so I always claim to be related to Rory Williams in some way… (Moffat swore me to secrecy in any storylines involving my family!!! and that sort of thing) I became an admin when the page reached 500 likes along with Honey Badger


You know the story…Born Melody Pond, daughter of Amelia Pond and Rory Williams who was conceived on their honeymoon in the Time Vortex on board the TARDIS, hence being Human with Time Lord DNA. (Which is pretty awesome don't you think!?!) Born on Demon's Run in the 52nd Century after Amy was kidnapped from the 21st century and replaced by a ganger, River, or Melody Pond as she was then, was taken to 20th Century Earth America by Madame Kovarian to be raised to kill The Doctor. Trained to do so by The Silence and forced into an alien tech upgraded Apollo astronaut suit, she begged President Nixon for help, under the alias Jefferson Adams Hamilton, over the phone. This led to her first encounter with The Doctor and Amy, who shot at her. From here, dying she regenerated in New York City. The next time she encounters her parents is as Mels, their childhood friend who pointed out their attraction to one another, the fact being that by doing so she ensured her birth would indeed happen in the future. As Mels she was reckless and constantly in trouble at school for claiming that historical disasters were The Doctor's fault for not intervening. She was obsessed with the idea of Amy's "Raggedy Doctor" friend and dreamed of marrying him. Her next encounter with the Doctor was when she forced her way onto the TARDIS at gunpoint and crashed into Nazi Germany, unwittingly saving Adolf Hitler from the Teselecta, and regenerating into River Song after being shot once again! (Siriusly gotta invest in a bulletproof vest guys!!!) Using her trusty poisoned lipstick she poisoned the Doctor with a kiss and ran amok in Nazi Germany. When the Doctor was almost dead she demanded to know who the "River Song" he spoke so fondly of was and Amy ordered the Teselecta to bring up files on River Song's identity, showing her her new regeneration. River used all her remaining regenrations to save The Doctor.
The day she gained her archaeology doctorate from the Luna University, Madame Kovarian and the Silence reentered her life and forced her once more into the astronaut suit before submerging her in Lake Silenco, Utah, where she was to emerge and kill the Doctor. However she drained the energy weapon pack, defying a fixed point in history, resulting in time shredding into a reality where every moment happened at once. River refused to rectify this but after marrying what appeared to be the Doctor, she went through with his apparent murder to restore the timeline, knowing he was really the Teselecta. River was imprisoned for the murder of The Doctor and served this sentence so as to fool the Silence into thinking he is dead but sneaks out of her cell at night to spend time with him.

River's admin application.

Name: Georgina
House: Gryffindor
Possible Admin Name: River
How Much Time You'd Be Able to Contribute: Well I'm admining 3 other pages but i'm on for like at least 4 hours a day so i'll have time for all pages
Why You Think You'd Make A Good Admin: Because I freaking love DW & HP…it's like a lifelong dream to see the 2 worlds merged and it's here!!! I just wanna share the love with like minded people!!! ♥
Favorite Doctor: It's 50/50 between David Tennant & Matt Smith
What Form Your Patronus Takes: Giraffe
Favorite Doctor Who Pairing: 11th Doctor/River
Favorite Harry Potter Pairing: George/Angelina
Headcanon: The TARDIS was jerking from side to side, protesting about some button the Doctor had pressed or some dial he'd turned that she didn't agree with. Helena and River looked up from the corner where they were sat having a chat to see the Doctor madly running around from read out to read out shouting "No, No old girl! What's your problem this time?" They looked at one another and burst into a fit of hysterical giggling at the Doctor's tantrum. "What? What on Earth, or deep space as that is in fact where we are, is so funny? Is this some conspiracy between you and Sexy against me?" This was met with further giggling and gasps for air as they tried hard to breathe again. The Doctor blushed, realising he had just called the TARDIS sexy out loud.

"When you regenerated did your brain get rewired? Because I swear you were never this bad at piloting the TARDIS! I was just wondering, you know how i get the funniest thoughts about anything and everything. Like that one time where I wondered if the Sontarans used sunbeds to look like baked potatoes." Helena finally calmed down enough to reply, slightly breathlessly. At this the Doctor did an exact impression of a wounded puppy and, talking pity on him, River got up and walked over to one of the screens on the central control console. She scrutinised the readings studiously, whipping a pair of glasses out of nowhere and placing them on her face, peering closely at the screen.

"Here let me help. Hmmm… Doctor did you brush past that knob there?No not that one, left a bit, there! Well? Thought so, you activated the Ambulatory Antistabilizer. Just twist it to the right 3 and a half rotations, that should do the trick. BINGO! Feel free to thank me now or later, whatever you feel like doing!" The Doctor looked pretty sheepish at having been told how to pilot his ship, and by a woman as well. He mumbled some grateful sentiment and quickly strode to the doors, flinging them open onto whatever weird and wonderful place the TARDIS had taken them this time.

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